About Us

K2C International Trade Limited

K2C started its activities  long years ago with the motto of “Don’t just satisfy your customer but delight them”. For this purpose, K2C performs operations meticulously around the world with its experiences in sector. K2C provides local services with its agents in different countries.

For sustainable and effective support, K2C develops the most accurate, innovative, and high-quality products with the cooperation of suppliers and solution partners. In order to ensure to provide these services in timely manner, K2C carries out its R&D activities. In addition to this, products can also be modified according to the specific needs of the customers and local requirements.

K2C sees its customers as its business partners. K2C seeks the best customer experience from initial meeting to delivery of the product. With these values, K2C associates the demands of its clients and its own know-how knowledge to provide the best solutions via its experienced staff for many years.

Besides the sale activities of construction chemicals, K2C also offers consultation and contractor services for full plant establishment, forming the formulas of chemical compounds and laboratory services.

K2C always aims to develop customer-focused products and services to its customers with sustainable, trustworthy and strong relationships.

“Inner Peace of Buildings”