Acrylic Thickener

MKN 4900 AT

Thickeners are used in latexes, paints, adhesives, cosmetics, and more to impart viscosity. We offer various grades in powder, water-soluble and emulsions, featuring viscosity effect, liquidity, and workability.
The thickening mechanism is explained by the formation of a hydrogen bond between a carboxyl group and a water molecule, known as hydration by the carboxylic acid moiety. This imparts structural viscosity through a three-dimensional network structure formed as a result of polymer thickeners being adsorbed to pigment particles.
While there are differences due to size, quantity, and affinities of pigment particles in the system, it is possible to impart a thixotropic quality that breaks the three-dimensional network structure with shearing stress, lowering viscosity. This property is widely used to improve the application of water-based paints, latex, and compounds.