Emcell 1310

EMCELL HC 1310 is a non-ionic water-soluble polymer from wood pulps or coon linters that can be used for water retenon aid and rheology modifier in water-based paints EMCELL HC 1310 is a high viscosity grade of hydroxy ethyl cellulose. It is available in a grade that has bio-stability in soluon againts enzmac aack.

EMCELL HC 1310 is widely used for water-based paints. It provides good pseudoplasc flow and wide
compability with colored pigments, emulsion polymers, surfactans, emulsifiers, defoamers and preservaves. In order to avoid lump formaons caused by a guicker than opmal dissoluon rate, EMCELL HC 1310 is properly treated to achieve opmum hydraon me for the applicaon.

Technicial Specifications
Appearance Off White Powder 
Viscosity (Brookfield RV) <7.500 ~ 8.500 CPS (1% soluon , 20 C)
PH Value < 6.5 ~ 7.5  
Moisture Content Max. 5%
 Parcle Size (Vibrator Sieve)  90% < 425 μm

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