Emcell SLX 201

Emcell SLX 201

Emcell SLX 201 with 20,000 Viscosity is Hydroxy Propyl Methyl Cellulose (HPMC). Emcell SLX 201, which has a low degree of displacement and etherization, has been developed for cement based product applications in the following Construction Chemicals.

  • Flex Joint Filler
  • Joint Filler
  • Silicone Joint Filler

Emcell SLX 201 is packaged in 25 Kg Net weight paper bags with a surface made of polyethylene. 40 bags and 1000 kg net are loaded on the pallets. Depending on the loading, 1250- 1500 KG can be loaded on the pallets. Empty paper bags can be recycled. Unopened bags can be stored for several years.

EMCELL SLX 201 can last for a long time if kept in closed containers or in its original package at room temperature and dry. In high viscosity products, some viscosity reduction may be observed in products stored for a long time (more than 1 year). Once the package has been opened, it must be closed again and securely attached.

If it is excessive, dust may cause eye or skin discomfort. In normal use, it does not cause any significant damage to health.

The product is organic polymers that can be kept in the presence of heat and oxygen in the environment. The fire can be extinguished by known methods, provided that it avoids increasing dust with pressurized water jets.