Privacy and Security

K2C International Trade Co. corporate website “” and all the pages related to these websites belong to K2C International Trade Limited, and the confidentiality and information security of the customers visiting K2C International Trade Limited. websites is taken seriously by K2C International Trade Limited. This document is prepared to inform our valuable customers about information security.

You can visit our websites as often as you wish without sharing your personal information and get more information about our products, services and offers. Your personal information is recorded only with your knowledge and consent when you visit our websites. The recorded personal information that you provide is under protection of K2C International Trade Limited. For this reason your personal information will not be disclosed to third persons without your knowledge or consent unless there is legal obligation.

Your personal information such as name and surname, phone number and e-mail is recorded on our webpage if provided by you. The e-mail address you entered while registering on our website will only be used to inform you about our corporate notices, activations and information messages about your membership and will not be disclosed to third persons or institutions unless you give consent or there is legal obligation. In order to provide information security, we kindly request you not to share your passwords with others. If the messages sent via e-mails are not encrypted, the security of the message in question is not under guarantee and the security of these messages is under your responsibility.

In the aforementioned web pages, we might provide links to other websites that are not operated by K2C International Trade Limited. If you visit one of these websites, you should check the confidentiality policies and other related policies of the website in question. K2C International Trade Limited. is not responsible for other policies and applications of other companies.

K2C International Trade Limited. reserves the right to change without notice all products and services, pages, information and visual elements of the hereby websites. For this reason, we suggest you check our Security and Confidentiality webpage regularly.