RPP – MT 151

RPP – MT 151

RPP MT 151 is a powder polymer based on vinyl acetate and ethylene copolymer. It is a flexible powder polymer used for modification of mortar and plaster systems which are cement-based with or without lime. It increases the adhesion strength of the product used with our product. In addition, the product has features such as high bending strength, Excellent rheology, Improving runability, Great abrasion resistance and durability, Increasing water holding capacity and extending the duration of Open Time.

RPP MT 151 Vinyl Acetate which has a low degree/ratio of displacement and etherification, has been developed for cement-based product applications in the following Construction Chemicals.

Flex Tile Grout, Tile Grout, Silicone Tile Grout.

Technicial Specifications
Appearance White, Free Flowing Powder
Polymer Based VAC/E
Solid Content 98.0%
Ash Content (1000℃) 11%±2
Average Particle Size ~80μm
Stacking Density(G/L) 450 - 550
PH 5.0 - 8.0 (As a 10% Dispersion in Water)
Tg (℃) 8
MFFT (℃) 0

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