RPP SC 500

RPP SC 500 is a redispersible binder based on a copolymer of vinyl acetate and ethylene. It is a hard powder polymer used for modificaon of mortar and plaster systems which are cement-based with or without lime.

Parcularly suitable for use in trowelling, adhesive and composite mortars for composite thermal insulaon
systems (CTI systems) with rigid polystyrene foam slabs and mineral wool slabs, where very good adhesive
properes are demanded, in parcular aer wet storage, as well as good indentaon resistance.

Technicial Specifications
AppearanceWhite, Free Flowing Powder
Polymer Based≥ Polyvinyl Acetate
Ash TG 1000 C≥ ≥ 10,5% + / - 1,5 %
 Residual Moisture  Max 1.0 %
 Stacking Density (G/L)   450 - 550
Bulk Density470 - 650 g/l
PH Value6.0 - 9.0 (As a 10% Dispersion in Water) 
AddivitesMineral An-block Agents
Min. Film Formaon Temp. Ca 0 C
Min. Film Formaon Temp.     + 0 C
 Film Properes      Opaque, Flexible

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