Starch Ether

BTA 1600

Starch ether is the polysaccharide compound extracted from natural plants, with the same chemical structure and similar properties compared with cellulose ethers.
Used in building mortar, starch ether can significantly increase the consistency of mortar and improve the construction performance and sag resistance of mortar. Starch ether is usually used in conjunction with non-modified and modified cellulose ethers. It is suitable for both neutral and alkaline systems, and compatible with most of the additives in gypsum and cement products, such as surfactants, HPMC, starch and polyvinyl acetate and other water-soluble polymers.
Starch ether is mainly used for hand or machine spraying mortar, tile adhesive mortar, caulking materials and adhesives, and masonry mortar with cement and gypsum as the cementitious materials.